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About Laurie McFarlane
Occupational Therapist

Laurie is an Occupational Therapist, former professional gymnast, and founder of Animotion™ children’s exercise program and DVD. Laurie’s motto is “Play with a purpose”, and it is her goal to get kids moving.

Laurie believes that movement is a building block of life. Animotion™ challenges children to move their bodies in new ways that leads to a more fully integrated nervous system and makes them more ready to respond to other physical activities like gymnastics, soccer, and baseball. Whether it is hiking, skiing, fishing or simply doing household chores, kids who are doing the kinds of exercises demonstrated in Animotion™ are better prepared by the brain/body connection that helped them to learn new physical skills. Balance, agility and confidence grow as children gain overall coordination and control.

For more information about Animotion™ Click HERE.

Laurie is married to Dr. Jay McFarlane, D.C. and they have three teenage boys who are active and play hockey just like their dad.