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In a series of 10 sessions, Rolfing realigns the body by systematically organizing and lengthening its soft connective tissue. Fascia (connective tissue) shortens, hardens, and thickens with physical or emotional trauma and/or chronic poor posture. A person’s body becomes tight and inflexible. After Rolfing, the muscles return to a balanced relationship and the client experiences ease, energy, and an efficiency in motion.

Each 75-minute session builds upon the results of the previous one. The first seven sessions remove the strain from specific areas of the body: lower back, neck, knees, etc. The last 3 sessions organize and align the body as a whole. The recommended period between sessions is 2 to 3 weeks.

A Rolfer applies pressure where the tissues are restricted and may ask the client to make a specific movement. The combination of pressure and movement releases and repositions the connective tissue thus realigning the body.

Rolfing brings us into a new awareness of how we stand, sit, walk, and how we react to physical stress and emotional tension. Through Rolfing we will gain options to respond to the upheavals and strains in our lives.


  • Improve your ability to handle stress
  • Bring your body into a new balance
  • Become more flexible with better coordination
  • Gain relief from chronic pain
  • Enhance athletic performance